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"In the real world there are reasons for reverent amazement. Nature is much more creative in regard to miracles than we are with you "

Scenic, beautiful places that fascinate the kind, quiet, tranquil environment and a combination of comfort and leisure - because you represent an ideal weekend? Then you should definitely visit "Tatiana's estate."

"When you feel bad - listen to nature. The silence of the world calms better than millions of unnecessary words "

Belarusian nature is beautiful, few can argue with that. "Tatiana Estate" located in a place where our nature blooms. River Elijah, in the clear waters where you can swim as well as a real catch trout, rich woods that are full of berries and mushrooms, as well as the possibility of hunting - with all that you come across, leave as soon as the gates of the estate. 15 km from the cottage is Vileyka Reservoir where to try their hand may have professional fishermen.

"Peace, fireplace, books, silence ..."

In the fireplace room warm and cozy. Flames dancing close to you, the window was evening, and you sit in a comfortable chair for a small volume of Remarque. This holiday you will find in "Tatiana's manor."

Or imagine a different picture. You are surrounded by the best of friends more than half choose to view a film (1500 channels - a difficult choice), discuss, enjoy the company and by the movie, plunge into its atmosphere. The best moments chatting with friends, you can also enjoy a "Tatiana's manor."

"Out of a long working day, you can relax and enjoy life"

"Tatiana Estate" will please fans of various types of recreation. Russian sauna, BBQ or perhaps sporting events - volleyball, soccer, ping-pong - everyone will find something to their liking.

Do not forget the estate and leisure activities for children. Lovely playground will delight your child every day.

In "Tatiana's Manor" you can relax and great company. Corporate or a birthday, wedding or New Year's Eve - any holiday will be a real fairy tale. At the request of the staff of the estate organizes for you toastmaster or DJ, as well as help with musical accompaniment.

Staff "Tatiana estates" - a hospitable, welcoming people who are ready to fulfill your every wish, and to help with the transfer.

"Tatiana's Estate" is waiting for you!

Агроусадьба "Татьянина усадьба"

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